How to Spice Up Your Marriage

by powfada on October 28, 2011

How to Spice Up Your MarriageDo you feel like your relationship is in a rut? Is your marriage becoming boring and predicable, but you’re unsure what to do to fix the problem? If you want to bring a bit of excitement back to your home it helps to learn how to spice up your marriage. These tips will go over some great ways to bring spice to your relationship, in the bedroom and out.

Don’t Forget The Babysitter

Couples with children often find they have less time for each other as the children grow. This can cause both spouses to drift apart, especially in the bedroom. It can be hard to fit in time for sex, let alone romance, with children running down the hallway. A great way to spice up your marriage is to drop the kids off with a babysitter or family member for a night and go out on a fun date. This should be done regularly to give you and your spouse that time together to do something exciting and different, like dancing. It may even result in a night at home enjoying each other’s company.

How to Spice Up Your Marriage: Avoid Secrets

This may not seem like a very exciting way on how to spice up your marriage but it does add a whole new element to the relationship. Most couples hide things from each other, especially things involving money or sex. Bringing hidden habits, spending and sexual habits to light will make your relationship healthier in the long run and may lead to new discoveries about each other. Not all secrets are negative so sit down with your spouse and talk about what you do when you’re alone, like splurging on ice cream when no one’s looking.

How to Spice Up Your Marriage by Dressing Up for Your Spouse

Often with marriage comes complacency and many people tend to “let themselves go” in one way or another. To spice up your marriage and get your spouse’s attention, try changing your style and updating your look. Women can get a new hair style or color and begin wearing colorful, attractive dresses instead of jeans and t-shirts. Men may go for a smooth shave and a dress shirt to show their spouse they want to be attractive for them. It’s amazing how differently your spouse will look at you when you make the effort to dress up for them.

How to Spice Up Your MarriageHow to Spice Up Your Marriage in the Bedroom

This is the last piece of advice to add some extra excitement to your marriage. Everyone has sexual thoughts and fantasies and it can be fun to share these ideas with your spouse. While you and your spouse may not agree on every sexual fantasy, finding out what excites them is a great way to gain extra closeness and find new ideas for the bedroom. Remember, there should be no one you’re more comfortable with than your spouse so take advantage of this and discuss your hidden thoughts with them in the bedroom.

Adding some excitement to your marriage is a great way to foster a close and healthy relationship over time. It’s normal for all marriages to get to that point where things are predictable and safe, but taking extra steps to introduce new thoughts and ideas will keep your marriage fresh and fun forever.

Is you marriage getting dull and boring? Use the tips and strategies here to regain the love, passion and excitement in your marriage starting today!

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